The pros of dance in the Loire - 42


Very soon

Although recent, this site knows a particularly interesting reputation. Therefore according to our vocation we wish to highlight the professional dance of the region. Soon, on this page you will find schools, dance teachers, their activities, their disciplines.

If you wish to be listed, please make yourself known.

You can reach us by phone at 04 77 97 15 13 or by E-mail :

Soon, you'll know where to learn to dance !"

Dancing evening
Rumba Slow fox Madison O sortir danser Merengue Bachata Balboa 42 Loire Rhne-Alpes Mambo Tango Polka Quick step Kuduro Twist Salsa Tango argentin Valse musette Valse viennoise Charleston Samba Slow Bolro Reggaeton Country Soire dansante Paso doble West coast swing Chachacha Kizomba Zouk Valse lente Tous styles de danse Bossa nova Boston Milonga Rock n'roll Valse Java Lindy hop Foxtrot Disco Loire